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Hi, my name is Ashley. This is my blog to show my journey to becoming a better, healthier me. I've given this a go before and I got pretty far, but then I gained it all back. So here's to a fresh new start.
SW: 250
GW: 130
CW 8/1/14: 245
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For the Beginner Runner: A Short List of Links


These links are pulled from everywhere: LiveJournal, Active.com, RunnersWorld and beyond. I found them useful when I was beginning running, and I hope other beginners will, too. This is not a full, comprehensive list of “everything about running ever,” but I hope to shed some light on good places to look for information for beginners. If you have any suggestions or additions, please feel free to message me. :)

Good Places for Beginning Runner Q&A

Beginners Running Q&A Blog

Forum for Beginning Runners (RW)

Runners Community on LiveJournal

General Advice

“Newbie” Advice (by supermanz)

Breathing Tips for New Runners

Basic Gear for Beginning Runners

27 Ways to Run Better Every Day

Running Basics Explained

Base Training Explained

Stride Rate and Length, Explained

How to Find Good Form (Midfoot striking)

Training Plans

Couch-to-5k Plan

Free RW Training Guides

Hal Higdon’s Training Plans

Coaching by Pfitzinger

“The Healthy Runners Marathon Training Plan” by LiveStrong

Injury Prevention

How to Avoid Injury (RW)

Injury Diagnosis

How Injury Happens/How to Avoid It

Barefoot Running

General Discussion on Barefoot Running - What and Why?

Article on Barefoot Running (Science Daily)

Finding “Barefoot Shoes”

Barefoot Running University

Minimalist Running

Fun/Useful Stuff

What to Wear for Runners


Free Workout Mixes by Podrunner

Nixi: Exercise Videos: Just Pick One!





Workouts by muscle group

Here’s a list of all of my POP Pilates, POP Cardio, and workout videos. Pick your muscle group or exercise type and let the toning/fat loss begin!

WORKOUTS BY MUSCLE GROUP (ordered by most recently uploaded):

ABS (view full video gallery here)

ARMS/UPPER BODY (view full video gallery here)

BACK (view full video gallery here)

BUTT (view full video gallery here)

LEGS/THIGHS(view full video gallery here)

OBLIQUES/MUFFIN TOPS/LOVE HANDLES (view full video gallery here)

TOTAL BODY (view full video gallery here)


BEGINNERS (view full video gallery here)


EQUIPMENT (view full video gallery here)


CARDIO/HIIT WORKOUTS (view full video gallery here and here)

COOL DOWN/STRETCHING: (view full video gallery here)